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Because I really doubt them to be butterflies. I sense there’s something to be done, but I can’t seem to reach the end of it, or to even describe what’s inside my head…

Although I feel relieved from most of my burdens nowadays, there are still some I wish to fight against, even though I know I’m not supposed to… nor I’m sure I should.


It’s funny this way, to feel romantic and sad at the same time for two completely different reasons. And happy. And anxious. And despaired as hell. I just don’t want to let my darkest feelings and thoughts loose… So I do my best to try to stay calm when facing these harmful situations.


That’s why, today, I found something I’d like to share with you. Cosmo Warrior Zero has a beautiful instrumental opening, based on Jidai, composed and sung by Nakajima Miyuki, one of the best female singers of the 80s. Many of her songs reached #1 Hit in Japanese Singles Charts for four decades.

She has the most beautiful Japanese voice I’ve ever heard. And this song is quite special to me… So, here I’m inserting the lyric along its translation.

Nakajima Miyuki


Ima wa konnani kanashikute
Namida mo karehatete
Mou nidoto egao ni wa
Naresou mo naikedo

Sonna jidai mo atta neto
Itsuka hanaseru hi ga kuru wa
Anna jidai mo atta neto
Kitto waratte hanaseru wa
Dakara kyou wa kuyokuyo shinaide
Kyou no kaze ni fukaremashoo

Mawaru mawaru yo jidai wa mawaru
Yorokobi kanashimi kurikaeshi
Kyou wa wakareta koibitotachi mo
Umare kawatte meguri au yo

Tabi o tsuzukeru hitobito wa
Itsuka kokyo ni deau hi o
Tatoe konya wa taorete mo
Kitto shinjite doa o deru
Tatoe kyou wa hateshi mo naku
Tsumetai ame ga futte ite mo

Meguru meguru yo jidai wa meguru
Wakare to deai o kurikaeshi
Kyou wa taoreta tabibitotachi mo
Umare kawatte arukidasu yo

Mawaru mawaru yo jidai wa mawaru
Wakare to deaio kurikaeshi
Kyou wa taoreta tabibitotachi mo
Umare kawatte arukidasu yo

Kyou wa taoreta tabibitotachi mo
Umare kawatte arukidasu yo



Even though you are so sad that you’ve cried yourself dry
and it feels you’ll never smile again

There will come a day when you can say
Ah, there was such a time in my life
Surely you will laugh when you say
Ah there was such a time in my life
So don’t worry about it today
Let’s let ourselves be blown by the wind today

Time turns around
Repeated happiness and sadness
The lovers that break up today
Are reborn and meet again

People who always travel
Eventually return home someday
Even if you break down tonight
You will believe and open the door
Even if today never ends
Even if the cold rain falls

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I happen to be in love, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to appreciate this as much as I do right now. Hopefully I’m not the sole one repeating Jidai in my player for the tenth time in a day. I believe I can’t get enough of it, it’s so endearing…


1 little monkey jumping on the bed!

he fell down

and bumped his head

momma called the doctor

and the doctor said:

"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

little monkey

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